Pinnacle Life Insurance

Testing and optimising digital performance

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Aiming high, one step at a time

Working in partnership with the Pinnacle team and their agencies, we’ve carefully analysed their online sales funnel, systematically optimising each stage to improve conversion and sales.

It’s tempting to focus on the front of the sales funnel, the advertising. Tipping more people in is relatively quick and easy, but it can be costly, and eventually they either run out of people to tip in, or advertising costs eat into their margin until it becomes unprofitable.

Slow and steady wins the race

It’s important – and can be more effective and cost efficient in the medium to long term – to really look at the sales funnel and the user experience. Understanding the website journey, it becomes obvious where users are dropping off or abandoning the process. Then we can adapt, and engage users as they travel along the sales funnel, finding every ‘problem’. The aim is to test, tweak and improve the journey, until the experience is more user-friendly, and ultimately more profitable.


Google Analytics, Google AdWords, User experience (UX)


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