Milford Asset Management

Showing off their assets online

We were approached by Milford Asset Management’s web agency to help them develop their new customer portal’s user experience, in line with the superior performance of their financial services. The process fully involved stakeholders, but the complex development needed to be scoped to meet timelines.

We ran two workshops in quick succession, the first to pull together a customer journey for the current process, and identify some of the key moments and challenges we needed to address. In the second workshop, we identified potential solutions and key features for the future, which fed into our initial prototype.

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An active approach to investment in tech

The prototype went through three iterations, as the one-to-one interviews honed the user journey. This ensured that the final product was exactly right before going into development. Stakeholders were really happy with the process, and the technical team had all the detail and confidence they needed to scope the development.

Investing time pays dividends

Feedback from customers and the industry has been super positive: “I love the Milford portal” – Milford Asset Management customers and others in the industry.

The Milford Asset Management leadership team recently attributed a significant three-month, multi-million dollar lift in investments to the customer portal.


User experience design (UX), Workshops, Prototyping, InVision – clickable prototypes, One-on-one interviews.


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