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Discovering the power of digital

On recommendation, ilume approached us to help recruit customers via LinkedIn for their new one-day ‘Academy’ training courses. At six weeks from kick-off date, they wanted to double the number attending their Coaching Essentials Course.

We worked closely with ilume to get our heads around their brand, audience and best-in-class Coaching Essentials training course. Next, we developed some campaign ideas and tested them using Google AdWords. A clear winner emerged, and we developed it across all our campaign media: landing page, LinkedIn, email and Google AdWords.

Your digital strategy is making a material difference to our business, thank you. You make digital more understandable and accessible to us as a value-add business tool.
— Raechel Ford, Director ilume
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Quick success, illuminating results, great insights

Within two weeks, we reached our target, doubling the number of course attendees. We also gathered valuable information, like the exact cost of recruiting course attendees, and also great insights into the ilume team’s broader strategic challenges.

Driving with digital a step forward for ilume

The campaign’s success was a significant step forward for ilume, shedding light on how digital could drive their business performance, and connect them with past, present and future customers. Since then, we’ve run a series of workshops to develop a full digital strategy. By understanding the Director’s ambitions, business goals and challenges, we helped unfold the way forward, setting the end vision and then stepping out the pathway and investment required to get there.


Digital strategy, Insights & Analytics, User experience (UX), Platform development - ecommerce website, Content marketing, Google AdWords - as a research tool, Social media listening & marketing, Email marketing, Landing page optimisation.


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