Australia & New Zealand

Strategy questions answered

Horleys had critical questions about their brand, retailers and target audiences in Australia and New Zealand. They didn’t know whether to stick with their premium product strategy or launch a value option.

As research tools, we used Google AdWords and social media listening to understand the sports nutrition and dietary supplements market across Australia and New Zealand. Our ‘test, learn and adapt’ approach allowed us to quantify what people searched for and what they shared.

Horleys Case Study Unfold Digital.png

Rising interest from a wider consumer base

We found out that when it comes to sports nutrition and dietary supplements, people are looking for quality rather than value for money. Horleys’ heartland customers had previously been male bodybuilders, but testing these ideas using AdWords and Facebook, we were able to show them that interest levels in protein were rising in other customer sectors.

Opportunities for growth

Armed with our research and testing results, we were able to illuminate the road ahead for Horleys, highlighting opportunities and channels for growth. We’ve subsequently run a series of workshops to develop a full digital strategy. We managed the project end-to-end, leading to a new website experience for users, and laying the groundwork for future growth phases.

Getting bigger and better with digital

Horleys continues to unfold its business plans with digital at the heart, connecting with and engaging existing and new customers.


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