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Sending Clearer Messages to Customers

BFM® knew they had a world-class product, with a built-up global network of distributors to help sell their unique, flexible pipe connectors to manufacturers around the world. But in talking to customers and distributors, BFM® found many in-market reps were struggling to communicate the benefits of the product, so sales messages and technical expertise were being diluted.

Connecting with our international customers and distributors has helped us exceed our 25% growth targets.
— Blair McPheat, CEO, BFM Global
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Getting the right message down the pipeline

Together we developed a digital strategy to get a clearer message exactly where it needed to be. This began with understanding the challenges, business goals and vision, and then stepping through the process and investment needed to get there.

The BFM® website became the primary ‘salesperson’, representing the brand globally, attracting potential customers, providing all the preliminary information they needed, and then connecting them with local distributors. This gave customers and distributors access to BFM’s knowledge and expertise, with more in-depth information and an interactive product calculator to help distributors answer customer questions in a more informed way.


A global fit in key markets

Our collaboration with BFM® has brought more visitors through from key markets like the UK, Europe and Asia, with 59% of web visitors engaged. Sales leads have more than doubled, with enquiries from companies like tier one prospects Nestle, Dupont, Kraft, Kellogg, Kerry and PepsiCo Quaker.

Distributors are high users of the new site – especially the interactive calculator – and feedback has been positive due to the increase in leads. BFM® can see engaged distributors and a bulging sales funnel, and they’re exceeding their 25% growth targets.

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Fit but not finished – there’s more to do

We’re building on the success of the site, confident that we can achieve further performance enhancement. We’re currently working on social media channels, selective audience targeting, remarketing, automation of the lead handling process and an offline sales presentation resource for distributors.

Applied: Digital strategy, User experience (UX), Platform development - website ecommerce ready, Content development, Video and Technical tools, Google AdWords.

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